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Periodic inspection reports, electrical safety checks, electrical surveys to assess compliance with BS7671. Reports for mortgages or re-mortgages. Electrical advice on safety in the domestic environment.

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Did you know that that the majority of surveys you pay for on a property do not go in depth when it comes to checking the Electrical layout of the property and the person checking it does not even look at the internal wiring of the property. 

More to the point the person checking it unless a qualified Electrician & qualified Inspector is not even allowed to remove Electrical points or consumer unit covers to inspect the Electrical Wiring and systems underneath.

 If you suspect that your house actually needs a complete re wire then this can cost anything up to 3000.00. 

The house owners actually paid for a survey on each of these cases and each one did not recognise the fact the property needed re wiring.

Only certain types of Electrical contractors who have passed the highest graded technical exams and have extensive experience in the Electrical Industry can give a expert opinion and provide a written report on the Electrical state of a property.  A standard Electrician cannot provide this so make sure you get the correct person for the job. 

A Electrical inspector must view the property and this is the person who conducts the survey.

I work independently of any Estate Agents, I work for you the customer and as such my report is not bias towards the sale of the property it is factual, evidential and professional.  just what you require when determining weather or not to buy a property in this day and age.  I am not on commission for the sale of the property as I work for you for the fraction of the cost of a regular survey conducted by Estate Agents.


"I want you the customer to feel that when you hire MPS Electrical Contractors Ltd to conduct your Electrical Survey you know that we work solely for you, not the Estate Agents and that the report you get will be from the highest qualified Inspector & Tester registered with the National Association of Professional Inspectors & Testers with over 16 years Contracting experience, I vow to you now if someone has covered up a Electrical mess in your potential new home I will find it before you sign, I will photograph it for you to see in my report to you"

"MPS Managing Director Marc."





Imagine moving into your new house that you think all is well only to find that it needs a complete rewire which involves:-

1. Walls & Ceilings being chased and damaged

2. Decorating ruined

3. Skirting boards being removed

4. Carpets & Laminate floors being lifted up.

5.Floor boards being taken up.


A Customer review from a recent survey conducted by MPS Electrical Contractors Ltd

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Rating of 5.0
5.0 out of 5

We are moving into the area and called MPS to find out about getting an electrical survey on the property we are purchasing. The survey was carried out the following day and the report available 2 days later, both in writing and electronic. The survey has given us a clear understanding of the electrics in the property as well as allowing us to go back to the seller with requests to get work organised. The service was excellent and I was delighted that everything was organised so efficiently.

Dawn Nesbitt reviewed MPS Electrical Contractors Ltd on 4 Jul 2010


Rating of 5.0
5.0 out of 5


I called MPS to do an electrical survey on a property I was considering buying. They went and did it the next day, by that evening I had a well written report with photos to illustrate the issues. Quick, efficient and friendly service.


Dan Norvell reviewed MPS Electrical Contractors Ltd on 7 Jul 2010




Why do I need a rewire when the surveyor said all was well, why has this happened ?

This happened because anyone can put a new style socket and light switch on a wall and cover up a potential mess of non earthed wiring underneath.  It is only until you check underneath the surface that you find the errors which can cost a small fortune to put right.  As a 17th Edition Electrical Inspector I am qualified to say in writing the Electrics inside a property have to meet a certain standard, if they do not then my written reports save you money off your new home as I make written estimations on correcting the wiring.

That means you can take my report back to the estate Agents and inform them your offer is now going to be less due to the amount of corrective work needed to make the electrics correct.

That means you do not have to shell out unnecessary funds and force the home owner to correct the work or you simply do not buy the property.


What to do about it and how to save some money off your potential new home ?

Contact me today 0113 3909670 07864 000951 and I will arrange through your estate agents to visit your potential new  home, I will thoroughly inspect it and provide you with a written fault list, and a professional estimation on how much it will cost to put right. 

I provide a full written report with images of the faults, a detailed explanation of the fault, a method of rectification and most of all a cost correct the work which as a buyer you can then take the report back to the Estate Agents for negotiation based upon my expert opinion.






Include electrical information:

The Electrical Safety Council is lobbying MPs and lawmakers to get them to understand the lack of public awareness of electrical hazards in the home, and to include in the Home Information Pack information on the condition of the electrics. Such information includes the electrical safety certificates and reports issued by all reputable electricians, and the Compliance Certificates now demanded by the Building Regulations.

The Electrical Safety Council says that it cannot understand why the Department for Communities and Local Government has made the issue of Compliance Certificates for most electrical work a legal requirement under Part P of the Building Regulations, when the same Department is not requiring them to be included in the Home Information Pack.
































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